It’s a perfect time to reflect on our fellow BCM 325 peers and their pitches for the future. If you want to have a look at what I discussed in my own pitch for this subject you can have a read here, I focused upon my business and the future goals I have.

From the beginning of my degree, we have always been asked to give feedback to various members in our subjects! I definitely think the more I do it the more natural the feedback is. My comments that I have made are written like how I would talk face to face with them, I don’t want to sound robotic or write a simulated comment for them.

Below I have included the 3 students that I commented on as well as a reflection on the comments as well. Also any feedback that you have on my comments, I would love to hear below.

Alicia Mcfadden: AR & VR Technology Changing The Way We Shop Online

The Comment:

My contribution:

  • I gave something to think about in regards to her idea which was about how this technology could disrupt what we already do. I also suggested for her to ponder on whether this technology is something she would use.
  • I recommended that she should watch a youtube video about how AR / VR technology would impact the fashion industry which is something I found interesting
  • Just for fun I added the clueless scene because her research and idea reminded me a lot of how Cher creates her outfits in the movie which I thought was an interesting add on.
  • I provided a helpful article that had tips & tricks for creating an effective video essay.
  • I also suggest two links which were from Samsung and a journal / scholar article about how COVID impacted technology and the future of it.

Hussein Hijazi: My Future plan – Graduating at the end of 2021! BCM325

The Comment:

My contribution:

  • Something I recommended so he could improve was to use hyperlinks, images to outline the pitch. I suggest for him to have a look at
  • I mentioned that there wasn’t any relation to any of the lecture topics as well and discussed how I too too found this problem with the word limit & the amount of time I had in the pitch there was no room left for the lecture content. My recommendation was for the next update of his pitch to relate it with the readings in your written work
  • To improve his video I recommended to use canva’s presentation tool to create slides of the presentation so we can have prompts for the video! 
  • As I have my own business, I was able to relate and provide helpful websites that could assist his project.
  • I recommended The Australian Government business checklist which is fantastic to help with planning a business.
  • I suggested a link that can help figure out if they are ready to start their business or if you need more time
  • I recommended when he registered his business he should do it through the Australian Government Business Registry
  • As I used a Forbes article in my own pitch I gave him two different articles one on an entrepreneurs guide to starting a business and the other being the one I used in my own pitch which was about how to survive the first year as a small business owner.
  • Finally I recommended a few Instagram pages that I recommended he should take a look at they are Sweeter Social, The Socialista, White Key Marketing, SoSocial and That Marketing Girl

Madeline Williams: The Future of Politics: Where will we be in 50 years?

The Comment:

My contribution:

  • One of the things I noticed after watching Madeline’s video was that there was no link to the presentation to read the definitions or quotes she mentioned in it. To improve, I recommended that she should include it so that the viewers / readers don’t need to go back and stop the video to read it.
  • I gave her a question to think about which was: ‘Do you think after the huge campaigning America does for politics that there will be more and more people voting around the world?
  • I explained how politics has drastically changed since the 2016 Presidential Campaigns and how they started implementing memes as a form of propaganda. From this, I recommended her to look at Ted & Travis’ paper that they wrote together that discusses meme warfare! 
  • I mentioned how external factors have been implemented in politics in particular how gaming / AOC related and how that changed the future of politics.
  • A youtube video that I suggested was in correlation to simulations and simulated conversations and particular how the media will repeat political sayings over and over again to make us believe and remember what they are saying. It correlates to bias media and also that repetition that makes us feel like its our own thoughts.
  • I also suggested looking into how social media could drastically change the future of politics and I recommended a video for her to watch as well.

Reflection on comments: What could I improve on?

I realised only after I commented on all of these blogposts that I needed to go into more detail about the lectures / readings. I provided a lot of helpful articles / people for them to consider and look at. But next time, I will make sure to find a reading or lecture that will help and assist their projects better. The feedback overall that i gave for these projects allowed for me to realise I too need to add more research into the lectures / readings to have correlate to them. Other than that, I made sure I went into throughout detail in ways they could expand the idea or improve. All of the projects I found had a good explanation and understanding of their digital artefacts which is something that was really good to see.

Hussein’s blogpost was the closest blogpost to what I am doing. He too is focusing on the future of where he wants to go and so am I so I found it extremely interesting the way he was able to incorporate students as his audience. One of the thing Meg (my tutor) mentioned was that I should try and find an audience to share this work with and I definitely think maybe spinning my digital artefact a bit to make it informative that students could take something from is maybe something I need to consider!


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