Year 1 – 2019

BCM 110

Bcm 112

Amy’s Guide to Life: Contextual Essay

Originally my digital artefact began as a youtube podcast series whilst simultaneously curating an instagram account sharing my University blogposts. My concept involved framing my DA to draw an audience of high school and university students aged 18-22. The digital artefact is referred to as ‘Amy’s Guide to Life‘. This is a “How to” blog … Continue reading Amy’s Guide to Life: Contextual Essay

Privacy and Surveillance

Are we aware of the amount of privacy we have? We have so much trust in the government to make sure they aren’t spying on us…or are they? [read more…]


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BCM 115

Part 1: Subject X

This 8-part photo-series uses various chiaroscuro lighting to highlight the emotional feelings that is captured from the unidentified subject.

BCM 113


Fake News has been an overwhelming trend that has grown substantially since 2017. [read more…]

BCM 114

Making Chàe Magazine

From the beginning of making Chàe Magazine, we have received a lot of support and feedback about how we have been doing over the time before releasing our first issue. There have been a lot of changes with the growth of Chàe, especially on twitter. There has been a slight decrease in the audience interaction. … Continue reading Making Chàe Magazine

Chàe Magazine: Digital Artefact

We’re so happy with everything that we have achieved this semester and I really am proud of us. For the first time, I know my place in everything with this DA it hasn’t just been a fun project but a very big learning experience on how to interact with our audience, figuring out works what doesn’t, what our audience wants us to do. [read more…]


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