A change of plans…Design Process & Development

Design thinking As much as I loved the previous aesthetic with the gradients and grain I decided to remove those aspects of the project. The road block came down to the way it looked even before I started to put it into animation. Below is the original aesthetic that I chose! Don't get me wrong … Continue reading A change of plans…Design Process & Development


Kinetic Motion & Beyond Branding

The concept for my project will be creating social media tiles for my business Beyond Branding. Function The area that I would like develop during this project is kinetic typography, using techniques such as stretch and squash, 3 dimensional shapes, warped text and waves to develop 5-10 animations based of Beyond Branding. The aim will … Continue reading Kinetic Motion & Beyond Branding

Exploring Sequences in Movies & Television

Stranger Things (2016), Altered States (1980) & The Deadzone (1983) share very similar opening sequences in regards to the typographic motion. Looking at the similarities between these three title sequences, we can see how the inspiration came from previous techniques and the aesthetics of the era in which they emerged. Stranger Things When researching the title … Continue reading Exploring Sequences in Movies & Television