The time has definitely come again where we reflect on our fellow BCM 325 peers and this time we are focusing on their BETAS.

In my beta video I discussed the progress I have already made so far and the progress I will make for the rest of the semester. You can view & read this here so you are able to get an understanding of this, I focusing my digital artefact on my business and the future goals for it.

It’s always nice to reflect on others peoples work but I do so in a way that will actually help and allow them to benefit from. I definitely think comments tend to be simulated to the marking criteria and lifeless so I make sure I ask questions and provide honest feedback to my peers in this subject!

Without a further ado below are my beta comments for 3 students in BCM325 as well as the reflection about the comments I have made about them.

Steph Jory: Beta watch out #BCM325

The Comment:

My contribution:

  • When I went onto her blogpost there was no hyperlinks that referred me to her pitch video / work. I mentioned that the blogposts should have hyperlinks to the various content that is being mentioned throughout the post.
  • I recommended that her DA blogposts could have audio with it for those who would rather listen to it instead, this is a good alternative because they aren’t too long so it’s helpful for those that don’t really enjoy reading!!
  • Another recommendation I mentioned was her to join a Facebook community as another way to share the blogposts. Facebook groups tend to have a lot more interactions then twitter or reddit
  • I attached an article that reflected the impact of retail casual workers from COVID which actually was quite interesting as we never really take into account these things! 
  • I mentioned how an article I found discussed how COVID will forever change retail in Australia, it also goes into a lot of detail which reflects what she is discussing in her DA
  • An American website I came across discussed what retail stores were the most effected by COVID. I thought this would be really an interesting topic for her to cover.
  • Finally the last link I mentioned was is in reference to COVID and how it has impacted retail workforce! 

Lia Kim: project beta: back to the fashion

The Comment:

My contribution:

  • Something I recommended for her to do next time she posts, is attaching more hyperlinks throughout the blogpost to link to the pitch and maybe even attaching some of her favourite videos you have made with hyperlinks.
  • A really great focus point I suggested for her digital artefact was the use of Occult symbolism in Hollywood and how sci-fi are also implemented from these movies into present time.
  • I provided numerous examples of this to allow her to get a good understanding of what I am talking about. When we watched the movie metropolis I actually discussed this in my own tweets as there was a correlation between the robot & Hollywood. Not only just symbolism but the clothes she wears and the interesting thing is two of Ariana Grande’s songs actually reflects this in her music video.
  • Another link I provided discussed the occult symbolism in Metropolis and not only that if you scroll down you’ll be able to see how Hollywood popstars create their outfits for their performances… 
  • For the fashion in sci-fi movies there was this awesome article that discussed the future of fashion as well!
  • How sci-fi has influenced fashion in pop culture
  • For the future of fashion, a great article that I mentioned discusses what it will be like in 20 years which actually could be something useful for researching into it more. 
  • Something interesting I have noted from the previous link is how futuristic they believe it will get and how elements of the sci-fi movies play into it. A lot of these movies definitely focus on minimalism and I would be really interested to see if you think minimalism is a part of the future of fashion.

Rachel Weisz: project beta: back to the fashion

The Comment:

My contribution:

  • As social media marketing is key to running a successful business, I suggested some really successful marketing account that I follow on Instagram.
  • I provided an interesting fact about SMM is Instagram reels as well as tiktok are video marketing and is the most growing video marketing there is on these platforms. So many businesses are taking the opportunity to use Instagrams new reels feature as the algorithm currently favours all content that is reels. So I definitely think the more you film the reels the chances are that you will have a lot more people interacting with your business page.
  • I recommended for some reference to look at The Socialista, she has grown her page from 5k from last year to now 50k+ just by posting Instagram reels. This is the same with Alisha from The Social Impact, she grew her page from 5k and now has 40k+ by posting instagram reels regularly. 
  • I continued to mentioned how SMM is all about consistency on these platforms the more you post the more likely one of them will become ‘a one hit wonder’. I mentioned how cool it was to see how quickly your tiktok video grew and I am interested to see if anymore of her videos will blow up the same in the future too because it’s so awesome to see!
  • I gave her a few website links to look at, I started with a website that focuses on the benefits of using instagram reels and why I recommended she should use them for her business!
  • A reference to the pros and cons for instagram reels and whether or not it is actually worth pursuing.
  • A guide to ecommerce
  • I mentioned as well how beneficial it would be instead of a video element to her final essay but rather an audio element so she can allow the reader to listen to her essay like a podcast. It definitely ties into FIST as well because all she will be recording it and uploading it to soundcloud rather then having to edit it.
  • Finally, the last recommendation I added was about when she is writing the future essay / next blogpost for BCM 325. I explained how she should add as many hyperlinks that she has referred to as possible.

Reflection on comments: What could I improve on?

When looking back, I realised I could have definitely mentioned more about the subject lectures / materials which is something that Meg (my tutor) mentioned to me. I definitely have been looking through the material to see if there was something I could use for the future. did mention the subject here and there but I truthfully found it a little difficult to correlate it back to the lectures. Again, I definitely wish I added references to the subject materials / lectures a bit more to help the students!


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