This semester for BCM 325 I wanted to take this opportunity to focus on Beyond Branding’s short, medium & long term goals which would lead up to the preparation and the development of a business plan for the business.

As I noted in my pitch I am focusing on 3 aspects to the digital artefact this being:

  1. Outsourcing a graphic designer: setting up interview to get to know who they are and to make sure they are a right fit for the business
  2. The creation of the Beyond Branding and Design podcast on short, medium and long term goals and;
  3. My Business Plan which implements the goals & research I have done to help me develop the plan.

The Interviews:

Dayle Beazley & myself conducted the second round of interviews during week 8 where we spoke to a few more people as well as re-interviewing a few people with Dayle.

Whenever clients need marketing, Dayle is the person that assist my clients. With the new graphic designer on board, Beyond Branding will have 3 people in the team.

Dayle & I going over the previous interviews and preparing for another one.

Beyond Branding & Design Podcast:

So far, two podcasts have been released with little interaction so far. But I will be sharing them around so more people can listen to it and interact.

Want to have a listen the first & second episodes are out!

Check out the beta video & slides:


6 thoughts on “The beta future of Beyond Branding

  1. Hello Amy,

    I absolutely love your beta video and blog! Your blog page is so aesthetically pleasing and your videos are so well put together! The main aspect of your beta post that really stood out to me was your blog, the fact that you listed the three aspects in which you will be creating your digital artefact off of. The fact that you listed what interviews you will be conducting and when brings you beta post together. I feel also though you could of gone into more detail of how you digital artefact relates to different lectures or readings within our lectures, however I did go through our lectures and most of our readings and I was unable to connect any aspects from out lectures and our readings to your digital artefact idea. However, I did some research and found some articles in which can assets you along the way of your digital artist and along the way of creating your business and conducting interviews;

    I hope those articles help!

    Another aspects in which I might touch on is how much I adore your podcasts! Well done girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Amy,

    I love how you are looking into creating a business plan for your very successful business that you have been working at for quite some time now. I love how you started your beta what you achieved since the start of this project. Another aspect in which I might touch on is how much I liked your podcasts.

    Considering your main goal is to increase and expand your business to the next level I would recommend this source and look further into Gary V’s success in social media marketing to apply to your own business and increase your social media influence and hopefully attract more clients for your services. Here’s a video on 13 ways to build a better expand your brand on social media I hope this helps!

    Your digital artefact sounds so interesting, and I can’t wait to see more! Well done!


  3. Dear Amy,
    First things first, congrats on such a successful beta! I loved every bit of reading and viewing this beta. Your page in general is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye, very neat and professional yet still has some creative flare to it. In addition to this, I loved your slides. They were set out in a concise manner and were very easy to read. The way that you have turned your business prospects into a project for uni is extremely smart and would be “killing two birds with one stone”, so to say. I don’t have any critiques for this, and just again think the thing you really killed was the presentation. Loved it!
    Kind regards, Madeline Williams


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