Well the time has come ladies and gentlemen, the final assessment of the year as well as a very bittersweet moment for me when I reflect on this long semester.

I do feel a bit sad to let go of BCM 206 because of how interesting and fun it has been but of course as the saying goes “all things must come to an end”. With this being said, let’s have a look and reflect on what has happened with Beyond Branding over the semester.

If you aren’t familiar with my digital artefact, Beyond Branding is a graphic design business that specialises in Logo, Branding & Website Design. At the start of this semester, I decided that I was going to give myself a few goals to accomplish by the end of the semester. Everything that I discussed is featured in my beta project so I recommend you check it out!

The Update of Beyond Branding: BCM 206 Beta Project

Beyond Branding is a graphic design business that specialises in Logo, Branding & Website Design. During this semester of BCM 206 future networks, we are using this opportunity to focus on our personal goals for the business. What has Beyond Branding been doing? Firstly 2 majorly exciting things have happened for myself and my business … Continue reading The Update of Beyond Branding: BCM 206 Beta Project

I definitely have completed 3/4 goals and more which was great to see. Here is a short summary of the beta project & this semester for Beyond Branding:

  • I got nominated & became a finalist for 2 Business Awards
  • I was booked out consecutively from September till January
  • I reached 30k views on Tiktok
  • I posted a new form of content to experiment with, this being my Instagram reels
  • I reached 11k views on one Instagram reel and 1k – 3k+ on every other one
  • I regularly posted on social media
  • I received a lot of encouraging feedback from how I was interacting online
  • Beyond Branding is completely booked for 2020 & booked its first client for 2021
  • I also grew as a person!!!

When I was completing these goals I made sure that I adapted the FEFO motto and approach during this semester, as running a business isn’t always as I quote in my pitch ‘smooth sailing’. This semesters goal for me was to get out of my comfort zone and let me tell you I certainly did.

I uploaded reels, Instagram stories, TikToks and confidently did them all may I add!! I was so surprised by this I received so many messages about this as well about how I display myself online.

All of the reels I did & Instagram stories ended up being FIST anyway. I may not have dedicated the one day a month to plan my social media. But instead I went as I grew.

Local Business Awards

I also went to the Local Business Awards! It was an experience of it’s own! I may not have won an award but it was so special to have a little community of people wishing me luck and supporting my business. It was an amazing opportunity to go there and I am really proud of myself for all of the hard work I have done to even be considered!!

If I did this semester again what would I change?

Well, that’s a good question…I would as a student but as a business owner no. The reason for this is yes, I have to admit these past few months have been a challenge for me. But I always believe that things are meant to happen for a reason to make us learn and adapt. Yes it’s not beneficial sometimes, but in order to learn as a business owner we have to accept the things that may not always go our way and use it to our advantages.

From now until the next time I do a digital artefact I will be working on my business. Who knows what the future holds for Beyond Branding. What I do know is that there will be a lot of hard-work over the next few months!

I hope you all have enjoyed following along in Beyond Branding’s journey! If you would like to stay up to date with all things branding & design you can check out my social media platforms below!

Until next time!

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