From the beginning of the semester to now, I have learnt A LOT about games! I have understood so much more in terms of online personas and how important they are in shaping our gaming as well as our online identites.

With this being said, my digital artefact has changed a lot. I did a full 180 on my original idea to now.

My original digital artefact can be found in my pitch, which discusses branding & design through video games.

I explore how I changed digital artefact in the beta project for BCM 215 which highlights how my new DA explores playing via twitch.

Since then and my presentation for BCM 215, I have narrowed down the concept I have discussing in particular focusing upon my online persona and why I did the thing I did in order to brand myself a gamer.

The first stage of my digital artefact was branding myself as an online gamer, figuring out my ‘online persona’. What went into this development of my online persona consisted of firstly understanding why online personas are important as well as how I wanted people to view me.

In an era surrounded by online technology we have both an everyday identity as well as an online identity. These online identity represents how we want others to view us and most importantly how they interact with our online identity / persona. With this in mind, it is important to review and manage our online persona because all our online materials exist forever and this is extremely important in framing online personas. A reason for this would be to make sure to keep a ‘professional persona’ online for future employers who may use these online platforms to verify and validate your identity. (Research Guides: Social Media: Online Persona, 2020).

In understanding the basis of online personas we dive into the 5 dimensions this being “the public, the mediatised, the performative, the collective, and intentional value build upon that work and, we contend, form a productive means for understanding the configuration of online identity in the contemporary era.” (Moore, Barbour and Lee, 2017)

My whole online persona is under this one name being IAmHufflepuff4.

The name stemmed from the fact I am indeed a Hufflepuff and the qualities that go in being a Hufflepuff are the qualities that I wanted to reflect. This went hand in hand with the colour of yellow which represents friendship and happiness. I wanted my twitch to be a friendly place where I play with my friends online and showcase a fun & happy ‘aesthetic’.

I represent my online personality which matches how I am with friends in real life which is fun, outgoing and talkative. I left the final pieces of my identity anonymous. This being my age, who I am, what I do and what I looked like out of this ‘online persona’ as I felt a lot more comfortable with people listening to my voice than watching me live.

When the intent is to connect with others through a persona, the value of that persona will be measured by its ability to achieve that aim.

(Moore, Barbour and Lee, 2017)

I chose to play with friends via discord as this platform was easy to use and was compatible with the twitch streams. I used twitch as my main source of content as it was easy to create connections with users who view my work. I was able to easily chat with viewers online and reply to their comments in real time.

With this being in mind, live streaming on twitch and having my Instagram account has allowed me to connect with other people all around the world. I am able to move between my own connections and ‘micro-publics’ this “takes into account the practices of social media such as sharing, tagging, and mediated expression in the forms of personal images, memes, likes, and dislikes. (Marshall 2015).” (Moore, Barbour and Lee, 2017)

In reflecting on this past semester for BCM 215, I definitely have gained a better understanding in online personas and especially games, I could write so much about the various aspects I have learnt from my DA and how live streaming via twitch helped a lot in understanding video games. I am actually going to continue streaming as it is so fun and I love connecting with my friends & users who engage with my work.

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