The internet of things / the future of smart technology is already here upon us, from smart tvs, fridges & more we have seen smart technology rise. However, will these smart devices eventually surround us, this being our entire houses being smart and our brain having smart aspects in it?

It’s supposedly meant to “make our life easy”! But think about it this way. There is a price we pay for everything we do! An a prime example lets discuss, social media! We know that these platforms are free however in return we sacrifice our time, personal information and allow AI technology to personalise our feeds based off what we are currently interacting in.

So with the future being smart, I do wonder what the excessive costs we will need to pay in order to have all of this “amazing” technology. How much of a privacy breach would we have?

Lets say a house that’s extremely futuristic, is it likely for someone to hack the housing network like a computer? Could our own beds to our own houses require updates because of how “smart” technology will be in the future?

With all of these questions it leads me into this weeks remediation of what the future will be like! It’s a bit funny really because I can imagine if we had smart houses that we wouldn’t be allowed in till we updated it kind of like how our phones slow down if we don’t update them!

One thought on “Smart Technology…What is the true cost?

  1. Hi Amy!!
    It’s interesting that you spoke about smart technology in your post here. It’s cool how your remediation describes the negatives and positive of smart houses. in combination with your blog post poses a quite interesting question that I would have never thought of. Your article is very educational and successful in providing value to your audience. Good Job!!!


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