This lecture was the perfect way to tie in a game I have been recently watching called Watch Dogs: Legion!

Firstly, to quickly explain, the game is set in the near future, you basically have a set of tasks to complete. Since London has been taken over with state surveillance, a resistance has been formed to reclaim London again so our job in the game is recruit civilians to join us! The game is quite similar to Assassin’s Creed obviously because both are made by Ubisoft.

So the idea that Kaspersky described botnet really reflects what happens during the game! As the characters, we are able to hijack buildings, security surveillance, carry out various cyberattacks and crash various servers.

So considering where our world is heading in terms of smart technology, think about it this way! We know these types of crimes / attacks will happen more often, one day we will be surrounded by smart AI technology, it could even be inside us and all someone needs to do it do a nation / global cyberattack / hijacking our technology to turn against us or even against the government. Kind of like Detroit: Become Human.

Of course these thoughts are hypothetical really, but all I do know is that due to more and more technology being invented each year, cyberattacks, hacking and hijacking networks will become more frequent as time goes on. Maybe the next war will be a cyber war…

Now that is a topic to discuss next time!

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