Reviewing my own comments + feedback for myself for the future!

This digital artefact is off to a betta start then last time (pun intended). I feel so much more confident in it and just happy to do it!

If I am being completely honest I realised that my Betta lacked the foundation of the analytical framework! I realised that I should have spoken more about why I decided to focus on it and what specifically from the lectures intrigued me. For example, one of the comment I received discussed the idea that the reason Among Us is so popular was due to the fact that we lack connectedness and I 100% agreed with her, we do! Considering the environment we are in Among Us makes it feel like we are playing with friends and having fun again.

I have truly gained so much more knowledge that helped me understand my own digital artefact better as I was on a little bit of a rocky road however my 15+ comments helped me so much to find the foundation again for my project. All of the feedback was positive, there were a few that suggested I should look further into what I am researching however I explained to them that I am immersing myself in the culture so I can understand it better however I do agree with them.

Everyone did say how much they loved watching my betta video and how it made them excited to watch my future content! I was unsuccessful in filming this week as my video had 0 sound, but later tonight I was going to film with my friends and hopefully upload it on Sunday for everyone to watch!

Giving Feedback

Since I have received so much feedback I thought I would give the opportunity to give some feedback to other projects as well.

For this assessment I chose 3 students to comment on these were Alicia McFadden, Michaela Shales and Dayle Beazley.

Michaela Shales: The Portrayal of Women in Game Media

Michaela’s digital artefact was quite similar to me, in the regards of changing digital artefact. We both started off with doing something we liked but realised it wasn’t achieveable. Her original idea was filming her playing games, she ended up wanting to write blogposts about the portrayal of women in game media, in particular how they are sexualised. I thought that this digital artefact fits her better as I know what it is like to focus on a digital artefact you aren’t as excited about!

Here was the comment I gave her!

Hey Michaela!

This is so interesting that you have changed projects I also done the same, I actually am doing the complete opposite and going from blogposts to doing YouTube videos / twitch streams. I found that researching was taking a lot of time up for me and of course like you said the lack of motivation is definitely real right now!

I am interested in this topic though and I think because now you’re able to do something you are more familiar with it will make it a bit easier for you. I hope the rest of the semester goes well! I am looking forward to reading more blogposts in the future.



Alicia McFadden: Imagine Pink Games – BCM215 Beta

Alicia’s digital artefact is similiar to Michaela’s in the sense they are focusing on the sexualisation of women. Alicia’s is different because she depicts and explains the term “pink is for girls”. She has also invested time into recording her DS gameplay which I thought was so unique and interesting, I didn’t even know you could record the screen of a nintendo so I am definitely interested to see what she ends up playing. I did see she had a few setbacks which is common one being that she has to invest in preowned games to play! However with this being said, her digital artefact looks really interesting and she has a lot of knowledge in her analytical framework. I am excited to watch her play the games!

I left her a comment which outlined how interested I was about it, in particular how I found it a bit uncomfortable that these games we played as kids sexualised us and were sexist. It is really interesting what the gaming industry would do for us to buy their games!

Hey Alicia,

I have been loving your series so far, I read your previous blogs that were out and to look back and say I too have played those games makes me a bit uncomfortable… This idealistic way of thinking is really interesting to me though because maybe they design all of these programs to influence the decisions we have and how we grow up in the world.

I definitely think Jenson and Castell discussed so many valuable points, as you said “Pink is girly, pink is for girls”, I don’t even understand this concept truthfully of why we can’t just like any colour and why pink is marketed to girls and blue for boys! Plot twist in another dimension there could be blue for girls, pink for boys….

It does sadden me to see how sexist the past games were. If you ever get a chance look into the game Rub Bunnies.. It is made by Ubisoft and I just feel so uncomfortable that I played it! I am not really a fan of any of the DS children’s games anymore because of how innocent we are, we don’t understand anything yet we are being fed all of these messages that only adults would truly understand. It does sadden me.

Anyways, on a more positive note I am really impressed with the work you have done for this! I am so interested to see how you managed to record you screen for your DS!!!

Good luck for the rest of the games! I look forward to reading more.


Comment Via WordPress

Dayle Beazley: The Creative Dayle

Dayle’s digital artefact was great, she has been interacting with her Instagram page @TheCreativeDayle and has been using this page to design and create artworks that focus upon various games. She has drawn artworks from the game Detroit Become Human which is absolutely loved!

I mentioned in my comment like my digital artefact her digital artefact lacked the analytical framework and I gave her a few lectures that she should look into that might help her understand it a bit better. However, with this being said she has use the concept of participatory culture to design art and immerse herself in a creative way into the gaming realm.

Hey Dayle!

I have absolutely been loving your digital artefact, it has been so amazing to see you grow and use your creative gifts to develop this DA.

My question is for you, what is your focus for this assessment? What kind of analytical framework have you address? I know that you have discussed at the end of your video you spoke about participating through doing your art and as much as I agree with you maybe you should look into why design is so important in games and how your understanding of creating art has allowed you to understand the medium of designing games.

There should be a reason to the design aspect that you could link it to! I recommend taking a look at the lecture on week 6 as it discusses designing and there may be something that you can pick up from however week 8 also explains participatory culture however what are you participating in?

I hope these words have helped you! Let me know if it has.

Looking forward to seeing more wonderful creations from you! All the best 🙂


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