Beyond Branding is a graphic design business that specialises in Logo, Branding & Website Design. During this semester of BCM 206 future networks, we are using this opportunity to focus on our personal goals for the business.

What have we completed during this semester?

What has Beyond Branding been doing?

Firstly 2 majorly exciting things have happened for myself and my business that I wanted to share:

I was nominated for a Business Person of the Year Award! This award is dedicated to a business owner who:

“Shows strong entrepreneurial spirit, the foundation and driving force behind all successful businesses. It is someone who is dedicated to their business, providing the local community with employment opportunity and economic drive on top of outstanding product and service offerings”

– Local Business Awards 2020.

Beyond Branding also hit 6 months of being in service!!! What an amazing ride this has been!

Beyond Branding has seen progress from the beginning of the semester to now I received a lot of positive feedback from my growth. In comparison I started the semester with 1500+ followers to now with 1800+ followers.

My Instagram has had a lot more interactions since the new Instagram reels update. I have showcased how my profile has been going after I posted them! Bare in mind that I didn’t get this many impressions on my posts!

I took advantage of the IOS 14 update and posted a 3 part IG reels series which was about how to customise your home screen using the new IOS widgets. I received a lot of positive feedback from this which was great. I gained 200 followers, received 11k views on one of my IG reels and 200+ views on my IG stories.

It has been great to see what is considered sharable and in this learning process I have given new platforms an opportunity for me to grow. I have let this semester be a semester to trial new things and fail early but also often. You have to fail in order to know how to succeed!

Even though my website isn’t up, I have already been doing so well without it! I have been fully booked for 3 months already and it is because I have my Instagram / Facebook profiles to thank!

Finally, one of the biggest changes I have seen is the confidence in myself from actively posting on my story / creating instagram reels! By doing so I have been putting myself out there. I have had a lot of my followers other business owners commend me for my confidence online and how they too wish they could do the same.

I wanted to share with you a few of the messages I get that make my day every time I see them! These were from Late August / September when I first started making Instagram reels / getting my nomination but still I wanted to share them!

Thank you for supporting my business, I really do appreciate it 🙂

Check out my Beta:

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