Ahhh meme warfare, if you are unfamiliar with this let’s discuss it. It’s essentially taking your average meme and making it political right? Well it is a bit more to it than that and interestingly enough I have come across as few new ones myself.

During this semester a game called Among Us has risen in popularity and a Democrat U.S. Representative named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also known as ‘AOC’ on twitch has been streaming with fellow youtubers, gamers & Politian’s. It doesn’t stop there, political gaming is a new trend that “is here to stay” . There have been several Politian’s from the Democrat party who have also joined the gaming community.

You see when we frame what is going on in terms of the election it is more than her and a few other Politian’s having fun and just playing games. It’s the aid of playing games in order to push votes for Biden, it’s a campaign movement. They not only play games, they are also connecting with the younger audience to urge them to vote as it is so important. Games like Among Us, Animal Crossing, Fortnite & NBA have all been used as a political movement for Biden’s campaign.

So we have this layer of political gaming and then we have the memes that come from it! Have a look at this page and check out the memes from when AOC played via twitch. From her stream alone, thousands of memes have been made from it which ends up being even more publicity for AOC and the Democratic party.

See how powerful one simple meme can be?

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