My digital artefact will be branding various video game companies. This idea to design video game companies came from my current digital artefact in BCM 215. In that subject I am currently exploring the history of graphic design through video games which is perfect for this digital artefact where I redesign video game logos.

How I will do this is by breaking down each week, this has vaguely been outlined in the YouTube video below.

Step by Step guide of how I will execute the video game rebranding.

  1. Initial Research: At the start of every project I gather information about the business / company.
  2. Inspiration Stage: Gathering colour palettes, fonts & further inspiration for the logo design.
  3. Mock-Ups: Collate all of the colour palettes, inspiration & fonts and begin designing basic mock-ups
  4. Revisions: Do minor revisions to logos, finalising them upon competition.
  5. Finalisation: Finalise designs. Put designs into mock-ups
  6. Showcase work: Showcase work via Pinterest, Facebook groups & WordPress blog.

For this digital artefact my audience is anyone aged 19-35 who is interested in graphic design, gaming and branding. I could definitely niche this down to a particular group eg. gamers but I think keeping the audience broad is helpful in this situation. As I have a board audience I can showcase my work anywhere whether in design or gaming communities!

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