The perfect continuation from last weeks blogpost about attention economy is this weeks lecture on feudalism.

May I be the first one to say that this topic is absolutely so fascinating to me! The reason being is that this concept and idea works really well with the new documentary that just came out on Netflix called The Social Dilemma it discusses not only how we are addicted to our social media platforms but how the kings being the makers of the platforms, use and distribute our information.

Think of it this we, the way us ‘peasents‘ pay for the social media platforms is by giving up our information to the big corporate companies / owners. The truth is they don’t care who we are, what they care about is profiting from us somehow from ads and marketing.

My remediation is an analogy of how we are essentially bait to sharks and the sharks representing corporate companies…we are just swimming peacefully in the ocean only see the surface level stuff, we don’t know what they are doing with our information where they are storing it and we are just feeding them us aka our information and data!

(These discussions make me want to delete my personal Instagram page forever.)

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