I have played a lot of games as well, in saying this I am not confident nor good at playing them. I just play them because they are fun to give me something to do. However, I have more knowledge of course with branding as I do this full-time in my business, Beyond Branding. So this semester for bcm215 I will be taking my passion and my knowledge from graphic design and using it to research the history of branding throughout video games. I thought this would be an interesting topic to focus upon as I have never taken the time to go back and look at all of the branding that goes into games with a design perspective.

All of this information will ultimately help me with the final textual anaylsis and also to understand games better. Branding and design are funadmental for everything and it will be so fascinating to really sit down and go through how graphic design has changed or not. It is also interesting because this digital artefact will assist me with my BCM 241 digital artefact where I will take this knowledge I have researched and I will redesign various famous video game companies.

I am going to be showcasing and interacting with various reddit / facebook groups to get more insight and also share my information with. I believe that interacting and getting feedback from a gaming audience will help me improve my work and also understand it better.

If you would like to watch my digital artefact, I have attached a link below so you can watch it!:

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3 thoughts on “The History of Branding in Video Games: BCM 215 Pitch

  1. Hey Amy! Great pitch! Before I get into, I just wanted to say I always absolutely love your blogs and social medias aesthetics. Like they are seriously amazing! I’m already familiar with your Beyond Branding business, as I follow your twitter and Instagram accounts and just wanted to say congratulations. It looks like it’s going so well. Like you, I was super unsure of what direction I should take my DA in. I particularly struggled because I know nothing about the gaming world and am not the gaming type at all. But, like how you used your exisiting knowledge/interest in branding and logos, I used my strength of marketing and advertising (my major) as the basis for my pitch.

    I think it’s great that you already have this exisiting interest, and can now expand on it and educate others on the history of graphic design in branding. It’s a bit of a niche if you think about it; it’s very specific, which I think will be great when you’re forming your analytical framework. I’m not familiar with graphic design at all, so I would love to learn about it through your blog posts. It’s also an area that is quite significant in the reception and playing of games. Kirkpatrick for example, that the the design of games and the manufacture of the technical platforms has shaped the results of the game development, marketing and play experience ever since. It’ll be really interesting because like you said, your research will be multi-faceted, considering the representation, history and economics of branding in gaming development. With all the technology and tools we have at our disposal today, I think a lot of people will be interested in how this affects the gaming world, such as branding.

    There’s also a lot of directions you could take it in, e.g. incorporating your own personal opinions on what brands have the best and worst logos, or if certain brands logos got better or worse over time. Also, it’s great that you’re doing your DA in conjunction with your project in BCM241 – that’s what i’m doing too. It will allow us to generate as much information as possible, and become experts in our respective fields. Goodluck with it all! I can’t wait to keep up your blog posts!

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