For my digital artefact / autoethnography I am going to be using this opportunity to brand video game companies. I will use my niche of branding & design as a foundation for this part of the autoethnography to assist me in the development of them.

During the upcoming weeks I will be using this time to find inspiration, create initial sketches of the brands and design / develop the logos to completely brand them. I will then showcase my observations from the experience in a set of blogposts highlighting the analytical framework for the research report. I will be examining how this autoethnography helped me, what this project meant for myself and the industry as well as a before and after of these designs.

I will be rebranding 2 companies over the 4 weeks. Weeks 7 and 8 will be dedicated to the first company and the last 2 weeks, dedicating to the 2nd company. I will be using my own brand boards to showcase the breakdown of the fonts, colours & various logo designs for the business. Below are some examples of this:

Gaming Company One:

Week 7: Foundation / Inspiration

During week 7 I will be finding a company to rebrand. I will look up some inspiration for a new colour palette making it look a feel more modern. I want to use this opportunity to experiment with colours that I haven’t before but also putting my own personal Beyond Branding Touch on them to see if it would fit my own aesthetic. I  will also be taking this week to find fonts to put everything together in week 8.

Week 8: Design & Mock-Up:

During week 8 I will be putting the colour palette, fonts & inspiration together to design some mock-up logos. I will be documenting the process through images to display in a blogpost at the end of the semester.

Mid-Session Recess: Week 1 – Finalisation

As we have 2 weeks for the mid-session recess, I will use the first week to finalise any changes to the branding. I will be using Pinterest to display all of the before and after logos to showcase the changes.

Gaming Company One:

Mid-session Recess: Week 2 – Foundation / Inspiration:

During week 2 of the mid-session recess I will be doing some research for the second company I am developing. This will be the same method as I have outlined previously but for the new company.

Week 9 & 10: Design, Development & Finalisation:

Finally, during weeks 9 & 10 I will be creating the final mock-ups to finalist everything. I will use this opportunity to evaluate the observations from the experience and document my findings in an outlined blogpost.

After everything has been completed, I will display all of the research and outline the progress on my WordPress blog.

It will be exciting undertaking this project for BCM241 as I will be really interested to see how the logo designs will come out for these well-known brands! I want to make sure when I am designing these logos that they will adapt a modern feel to them using completely different font and colours. I am going to try and make it as different as possible to the original logo.

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