The term field site refers to the spatial characteristics of a field-based research project, the stage on which the social processes under study take place.

Narrowing down my niche even further and expanding on everything I use as a graphic designer has helped me understand my field site. To understand ‘field site refers to the spatial characteristics of a field-based research project, the stage on which the social processes under study take place.’ (Burrell, 2009) My ethnographic research I will be undertaking during this semester will help me to identify ‘where the researcher should ideally be located as a participant observer.’

Beyond Branding – Narrowing my field site.

From this map I have created about Beyond Branding, I have outlined and narrowed down the aspects of Beyond Branding I will be focusing on for my ethnographic research. As you can also see from this diagram, Beyond Branding is located in the middle with all of the essential platforms, programs, influencers and necessities I require to run / design my work are surrounding it.

Let’s take a more detailed look into this!


As Beyond Branding is on many platforms, I have to change my content depending on the audience, for example my Instagram page has currently been filled with Instagram reels (which are essentially like tiktoks).My audience has a wide range of following, Instagram being the biggest platform we are currently on with almost 2,000 followers.


When it comes to designing all of my work, it is essential I have my 3 main programs. This being, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop along with Canva! I also use Adobe Acrobat but that is just for my PDF files! Without these programs, it would be extremely difficult to design! The main platform I use is Illustrator for my logo designs as I vectorise everything (no pixels in the graphics). Having a vectorised logo / graphics is essential for anything that needs to be printed.

Have a look at these examples of a few designs I have made on all of the platforms. The first one was design on Photoshop, the second on Illustrator and the third on Canva.


I specifically don’t really have any accounts in particular that influence my style, I really have my own unique aesthetic and I get my inspiration from everyone not just one account. If there were a few people I would mentioned I would start with all of the amazing graphic designers who upload their work on their! That platform is my first place I turn for inspiration for logos designs that fit the aesthetic of the client. Next would be, Lucy’s Logos, her Instagram page is really inspiring for me as she has almost 11k followers! I do aspire to have that many one day because her work is truly amazing and she is doing a great job!

A new person that has been influencing my goals and aspirations is Vanessa Lau and her amazing YouTube videos that helped me understand how I needed to grow my Instagram page. I have been following so many coaching business because I love how much they grow on Instagram! I recently took a short course with Vanessa and her tips she gave me were so beneficial I still use them today!

My dad being one of the most influential people in my life who is like my own personal Tony Robbins, told me what the word entrepnuer was at 6 years old. From there my dad told me about Tony Robbins and his life saving quote “where focus goes energy flows”. This quote has been the foundation of my business because it represents so much. Tony Robbins is a very motivational speaker both myself and my dad watch his videos / listen to his podcasts.

Technology / Clients:

Finally, the most essential part of my job is actually having a device to work on and clients to work with. I have my Microsoft surface pro connected to a monitor which gives me 2 screens to work one (so handy). I have my trusty Microsoft pen that allows me to draw on photoshop when the time comes! Also how could my business run without my planner; it is so vital for me to stay organised especially with this assessment. Being able to plan all the future work I need to do is crucial for a successful project.

You will definitely see more planning in the next blog so stay tuned!


Burrell, J., 2009. The Field Site as a Network: A Strategy for Locating Ethnographic Research. Field Methods, 21(2), p.181.

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