Beyond Branding is a graphic design business that specialises in Logo, Branding & Website Design. During this semester of BCM 206 future networks, we are using this opportunity to focus on our personal goals for the business.

Beyond Branding

We are going to be adapting the FEFO motto and approach during this semester. As Beyond Branding has been operating for almost 6 months now I understand that producing content / owning a business isn’t smooth sailing however, we have to adapt and grow early to succeed. This is the perfect opportunity to try new things, to learn what works and what doesn’t work and to push myself out of my comfort zone.

We will also be using FIST as a foundation for our work as well. We will be making sure that all of our work whether it is our goals or client work that we have a quick turnover of these tasks. We will also be dedicating one day of each month to create content for our social media, this will make it a lot easier to post regularly on our social media.

Check out our pitch:

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