Using my own digital artefact for this weeks blogpost, I wanted to expand on the idea of networks and figuring out what network Beyond Branding would be.

After understanding the various type of networks we have:

  1. Centralised
  2. Decentralised
  3. Distributed

These thoughts about the various networks led me to design this weeks remediation which really highlights why Beyond Branding is: a centralised and decentralised network.


Centralised Network Breakdown:

Breaking down this weeks remediation, Beyond Branding is the mainframe of this network, holding everything together, without Beyond Branding (myself), the network would cease to exist. This is a disadvantage as we don’t have anyone else in the business who would be able to continue our work. Therefore, the lines connecting to the middle of this network are our clients, their work and the communication we have between them.

Decentralised Network Breakdown:

This network is a bit more secure however without myself the network would cease to exist, the only thing is the work would remain on every individual platform we are on. So for example if Facebook stopped working you could still find us on Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

For your own digital artefacts what kind of network are you? I would love to know!

2 thoughts on “Beyond Branding – Centralised & Decentralised Network

  1. Hey Amy! Great Job on your blog post, it was so great seeing you incorporate your DA into the post and explain how your DA is a centralised and decentralised network. I used this website to add more detail to my blog post and explain about how communication patterns are created by flows of message, however I liked how you talked about your business. You did such a great job!


  2. I found your blog post to be well written and enjoyable to read, I really liked how you linked the week’s lecture to your own digital artefact and how it is a centralised and decentralised network, I also enjoyed your quality remediation, your explanation will also help with my DA too. Check out this digital artefact in social media marketing as it may help with your DA as well:

    Your article is very educational and successful in providing value to your audience. Good Job!!!


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