From the beginning of making Chàe Magazine, we have received a lot of support and feedback about how we have been doing over the time before releasing our first issue.

There have been a lot of changes with the growth of Chàe, especially on twitter. There has been a slight decrease in the audience interaction. I know that I didn’t tweet as much due to our issue creation. However, we have been trying to interact with them a lot more so we asked what they were looking forward to the most about Chàe and have they read our issue.

Instagram Analytics:

Our instagram has been very consistent in the content we produce. However, i have noticed with certain posts our audience isn’t interacting much as they did with our earlier feed. For example, our most recent post was about bullet journalling which received 65 likes, our previous post of our issue only got 35 so theres a bit of difference between interaction on posts. However, in saying this we can get a good understanding of what to do more of in the future.

Facebook Analytics:

Starting our Facebook page was a pretty great idea! It has allowed us to gain a wider audience. We received 200+ likes in just the first 24 hours of us setting up our page and we have been receiving a lot of positive interaction between our Facebook posts which is really good!

Finally, after 2 months of planning in preparation for this issue, it was released on the 25th of October. From this we have had over 400 reads and over 600 impressions.

Our promotion of our magazine features mostly the students who contributed to our magazine, we asked them to promote our magazine. We have actually gained a lot more followers and interaction from asking the students who shared our magazine on Instagram, which has been really awesome to see.

Our audience is University students and students aged 18-23, however we want to reach more that just people in Wollongong and our near by area. We want Chàe to be have an audience that is nation wide or even global, we also want to include adults as well as students in our magazine.

Recently, we decided to carry this DA throughout our university degree. We have a few project that we are going to do in the future whether we a working with people or creating another issue we are looking forward to creating and making more for our audience.

Check out our first issue!

Until next time x

Chàe Magazine:

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