How do I come to a realisation that a lot has happened since the day my group decided to leave our digital artefacts to create Chàe Magazine. It has been overwhelming to see the interaction grow each week.

Over the past two months, we have learnt so much about Chàe what we want to do and where it will go. From the feedback from students, our followers and the people around us, we have been able to create content and future content we know that students will relate to, that will be interesting but will also give them something to look forward to.

Here are some highlights from the past few months of Chàe and what we have done.

When we started growing our instagram and twitter, we wanted to ensure that we were going to talk about topics that our followers wanted. So through various polls, we were able to interact with our followers, whilst also understanding what they were most interested in seeing.

Twitter Polls:

Instagram Results:

On our Instagram and Twitter accounts we use various hashtags to target a specific audience. Recently, I have been trying this with our Instagram highlight posts to see if we would reach more people. The photo to the left is an indication that it has been working as we received 127 viewers just from hashtags.

We have been able to reach a lot more people on twitter and instagram as seen from the Analytics below.

Twitter Analytics:

Instagram Analytics:

Our interaction with our audience or as you could call it “fans” have been incredibly positive. We have been very happy with the feedback and the ability to continue to grow our page a lot more than our individual DA’s. Our content curation also, has allowed us to reach a bigger audience in the past few weeks. Whilst reading, Todd Clarke’s “The Complete Guide to Content Curation” it made me think about our DA’s and how we shouldn’t be “competing” as such we began using other students DA’s and involving them in our “Student Insights” page.

During the future of Chàe, we hope to be able to get a wider audience on our youtube channel and our website. With our upcoming magazine we hope that will help boost our insights for them.

Till next time x

3 thoughts on “Chàe Magazine: Prototyping

  1. Hey Amy! This is such a good reflection post! The amount of analytics, polls and results you’ve uploaded here is seriously impressive. Dedication!
    I’m so glad you’ve been able to see the magazine grow more and more with each week. Looking at the stats, I think for a DA anything over 200 followers is such a win, so kudos to you! It sounds like you really know where you want Chae Magazine to go (IDK how to do the cool a with a mark on it :/)
    I think if you keep being as diligent with the future of the magazine as you have been so far, this will be an outstanding project. I don’t really have much advice to give! You’re being super engaged with your audience and incorporating feedback all while creating content you want to create.
    This is superb. Keep it up!

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  2. Great job, Amy! I really liked following the progress of CHAE magazine and this blog post was a really good reflection of all of the work you’ve been putting into it! You have all been hugely interactive with your followers (fans 😉 and you seem to have been very successful in taking in feedback to improve on your work. Loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. hey,
    that was a great and bold move to come together to work on a common goal that is the magazine. you guys are doing pretty well on how you share your content with your audience and taking each feedback you get into consideration. am 100%sure that at the end of the project, you could sell your magazine. all the best.

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