At the start of BCM 114 I was trying to reframe my digital artefact in a way that would create more interaction with my Instagram audience. I was trying to find new ways to showcase my work and ways that would be interest students. However, I couldn’t seem to do what I intended.

I spoke to some of my friends at Uni and we realised that we all had the same problem. We all needed to grow our DA and to do something that interested us. So we collectively decided to combine all of our digital artefacts, our talents, our passions to create:

Chàe Magazine – a digital online magazine dedicated to helping students during their time at University.

When we started growing our instagram and twitter, we wanted to ensure that we were going to talk about topics that our followers wanted. So through various polls, we were able to interact with our followers, whilst also understanding what they were most interested in seeing.

Twitter Polls:

Instagram Results:

On our Instagram and Twitter accounts we use various hashtags to target a specific audience. I have also tried this with our Instagram highlight posts and from this we can get almost 200 people viewing our stories and almost 300 impressions.

We have been able to reach a lot more people on twitter and instagram as seen from the Analytics below.

Twitter Analytics:

Instagram Analytics:

In finalising our digital artefact we have been very happy with the feedback and interaction we have been receiving from our followers. We have been able to grow our page a lot more than our individual DA’s. In the future our goal is to grow our audience more and one day start monetising our Digital Artefact.

Until Next Time xx

Chàe Magazine Youtube Channel
Chàe Magazine Twitter & Instagram

4 thoughts on “Chàe Magazine: Beta Project

  1. Hey Amy (and the others)! Your DA looks like it’s really up and running – even after the late start! I love how you have all collaborated your DA’s into Chae magazine, it’s such a clever idea!! Personally I love magazines that help empower people and promote wellness and you’re doing that so well! Your online presence seems really constant and your audience interaction is over flowing – something that I want to aim more at doing with my DA, so thank you for showing me what it takes! Your collaborative DA reminds me of the reading ‘The Future of Organisation’ by Jordan Hall. If you haven’t read it already I would recommend it! It talks about ‘the tribe’ (which is all of you): “Because everyone is more or less aware of the whole set of organizational activities and the capabilities and interests of all the other members of the group, it is relatively easy for informal networking to match the most important tasks with the resources most capable of attending to them.” He talks about using your collective intelligence and personal interests to identify and solve problems – which is definitely what you’re doing – but give it a read cos you might even learn something! ((Link: )) Overall keep up the good work and I’m keen to see what you do next, especially the fashion line 😛

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    1. Thank you, thank you!! Your feedback is so amazing and honestly means a lot! I’m so happy that students like yourself are enjoying the content we are producing!!! Stay tuned for our upcoming issue which will be so exciting for students to read 🥰 We are looking forward to the fashion line as well hehe we are going to start working on that a bit later this year which will be awesome!!!!


  2. I absolutely love the idea of you all combining your interests into one online platform, I also love the aesthetic of Chae Magazine! It is so relatable to such a wide age range and definitely something I would use. It is such a useful tool for uni students, knowing they can come online, using a one stop kind of website and gain so much information about all types of lifestyle things and wellness. It seems like you have progressed quite a bit since your first blog about your DA idea which is awesome! I would definitely check out people like Zanna Van Dijk or Sarah’s Day on Instagram or via their blogs as they too are focused around healthy living and lifestyle, you may find some cool ideas to add to your project. Your online presence is very consistent and your audience interaction is amazing, this is something that I want to aim more at doing with my DA! Overall, I love this idea, I think you have all chosen great, relatable topics and have executed Chae Magazine perfectly. I can’t wait to see where this project takes you!!

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    1. Wow thank you so much for the detailed comment! This really means so much to us!! For me, it means a lot to know that students are actually excited for us to do stuff and I know the team feels the same! We just want Chàe like you said to be a one stop location and I think we are trying to do that!!! But thank you I will definitely check out them all 🥰 your feedback means so much xx

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