Recently, I have found my passion in visual design: creating logos, headers, blogpost design and updating my WordPress website. So I wanted to be able to do something with this talent of mine. My wonderful team thought it was a great idea that I were to be the Co-Designer and the Head of Advertising for Chàe Magazine.

The logo Design:

Over the past two weeks I have made various logo designs for Chàe Magazine and thought I would share my variations of the current logo.

The inspiration behind came from other magazines and the simplicity of their logos. It sparked a lot of inspiration to create the current and sophisticated version.

The two logo designs below is my first ever design and current design for the Magazine.

Circle Variations:

Square Variations:

Twitter Header:

For Twitter, I believed the header needed to be minimalistic, simple and professional. It needed to showcase our quirkiness through the design.

The first design for the twitter header – incorporating green
Final and current design for Chàe Magazine

The Website:

I absolutely love designing websites from my own WordPress to my old digital artefact website it has been something that relaxes me.
So I took the opportunity to design our current one.

Finally, my favourite design so far…

The Chàe Magazine Website.

Even though the website is not complete at the current moment. I’m working extremely hard behind the scenes to get a functioning website so we can start posting content.

I’ve been designing a lot of other logos as well for other digital artefacts for BCM 114. So follow my twitter for updates about my work.

Until next time x

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