Originally my digital artefact began as a youtube podcast series whilst simultaneously curating an instagram account sharing my University blogposts.

My concept involved framing my DA to draw an audience of high school and university students aged 18-22. The digital artefact is referred to as ‘Amy’s Guide to Life‘. This is a “How to” blog that was designed to help students manage stress and learn helpful techniques and strategies to use in their everyday life.

DA Instagram Account (instagram.com/amysguidetolife), 2019

The inspiration behind Amy’s Guide to Life came from various instagram accounts that share positivity, affirmations and wellbeing / mental health awareness on their instagram page. These accounts included: The Positive Page, Anxiety Wellbeing | Daily, Mental Health, The Happy News, Self-Care Station.

Given my knowledge of mental health and wellbeing, I chose to create a instagram account for students to help them become aware of ways to take care of themselves during stressful times such as exams, assessments and other life events.

I developed this project to teach students how to look after their wellbeing. As mental health issues are increasing, I wanted to share strategies and techniques to help them become aware on how to take care of their wellbeing.

In the interest of ensuring that I capture the most topical issues I surveyed my instagram and twitter followers to gauge their interests. I found that the best way to develop the project is through instagram, as more users are engaged with the content. I have also given subscribers the option to read the blogpost on my website.

From the beginning of the semester my digital artefact has changed considerably from the original idea.

During my Beta presentation I mentioned that I underestimated the difficulty and how much time was needed to develop the youtube podcast series. As a result, I decided to no longer proceed with this idea as it wasn’t F.I.S.T.

As I wanted to create content that was easy, quick and efficient I began using Amy’s Guide to Life to further showcase my university work. Simultaneously I used this page to share helpful techniques and strategies for uni students aged 18-22 who wanted to learn how to stay positive, learn to love themselves and find ways to remain calm during stressful situations. 

The audiences response to the feedback I created varied post to post. The audience preferred photos of me more than sharing university content. In the past week I have shared a how to post in the lead up to my first blogpost “How to practice self care.”

The biggest struggle overall with my instagram page is that I can only post content once or twice a week due to inactivity with users. My goal in the future is to become even more involved with users on instagram by having interactions with weekly polls asking what content they want to see more of.

Throughout the development of Amy’s Guide to Life, I have created a foundation to build from for the continuation of my DA next semester. As I further learnt what content my audience would like to see it I hope that in the future I can expand this project to other social media platforms such as Facebook and have a community of people who are engaged in my content and using my website for the benefit of my users.

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