Where do you go when you want to escape your everyday life?

The story behind The Safe Place captures the location of where Subject X travels after standing up for himself, rebelling from the norms of society. For Subject X to escape his everyday life it is a simple 30 minute trip down to Wollongong Beach taking the 55C free shuttle Bus from UOW Campus…

To understand the past three assessments, we have been asked to showcase what it means to be “a living rebel”. As a rebel means different things to different people, I have used Subject X in all three parts to showcase the true essence of what a rebel is to me.

The Safest Place is a 1 minute montage featuring the short route to Subject X’s safe place.

When I began capturing the 8-part photo series I asked Subject X to write everything he feels about the world and where he goes after rebelling from societies norms. He began to express how whenever he would rebel from the “status quo” it would be viewed as being different and wrong. So to escape this feeling each afternoon he would travel to Wollongong Beach to clear his mind whilst being alone.

“The beach is a place where my mind can stop racing. The waves soothe my mind and the beach has become this sacred place for me where no-one can judge me or say my opinion is wrong. I can be myself here. It’s the safest place for me.”

Words from ‘Subject X’

My inspiration for this short audio visual stemmed from various visual poems. At the beginning, I considered using voiceover narration to highlight who he was, however I came across montages and this allowed me to frame my idea for this audio visual to produce a better outcome. The various ideas included: ‘Learn to Love Yourself’, Travel Video Montage, VHS Camcorder, Venice Beach | Cinematic Travel Video, Cebu Travel Montage.

By using montages with a VHS effect & Lo-Fi music I was able to create a nostalgic feeling for the audience. A feeling of familiarity that everyone can relate to. The reason I took this approach was to capture the a specific moment in time represented by the beach which is a familiar place for Subject X to escape his rebellion. This is a place where he can come and reflect without judgement and a place where it is quiet for him to seek solace.

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