As we progress as a society heavily dependent on technology. Are we aware of the amount of privacy we have? We have so much trust in the government to make sure they aren’t spying on us…or are they? 

In China they currently use a social credit system like the one from Black Mirror to rate people based on how good of a citizen they are based on their credit history. This creates an obviously fake dystopian society.

Have a look for yourself (Black Mirror episode):

What does a credit score mean? Well, in Australia we currently have credit scores to determine how good of borrower we are and if we pay back the loan as agreed.  The impacts of a poor credit score are costly. It may mean no loans in the future.

But imagine if you were denied access to simple things like transport, libraries or schools because you had a low credit score… 

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One thought on “Privacy and Surveillance

  1. hi amy! the aesthetic of your blog and quality of posts are amazing as always. it’s super scary to think about how we could ranked later in the future and the limits that could mean on what we can do. i really liked how you included the black mirror episode, it was exactly what i thought about looking at this topic. keep up the good work! 🙂


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