Memes a greek word mimēma meaning ‘that which is imitated’. This popular form of communication has emerged over time originally formulated by Richard Dawkins in his popular 1976 book “The Selfish Gene.” His theory regarded “how cultural information evolves and is transmitted from person to person.

Since memes have obviously changed and adapted overtime they have been used for politics, a form of propaganda if you must say. Political Memes have always been around however during the president election in 2016 there was a big uprise of political memes from example:

Subreddit r/The_Donald

The #draftourdaughters campaign in 2016, highlights political memes well. Beginning on 4chan’s /pol/, this non official Hilary Clinton campaign grew a lot of attention on social media. The purpose was users on 4chan created fake campaign ads that were purposely shared constantly person to person, deceiving fellow users who read this meme.

This weeks remediation focus’ on how quickly memes are transmitted from person to person.

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One thought on “Meme Warfare

  1. I love your blog post’s aesthetic! Your links were really interesting as well, and I think it was great that you used the #DraftOurDaughters memes as an example, it’s so crazy how realistic they looked. It really makes you question everything, it’s become so hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake nowadays! Maybe next time you could try to make some of you hyperlinks a bit more noticeable? I almost didn’t see the link on ‘fake’ amongst all the other text. Also, your Avengers meme is 10/10.


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