In the world we live in what is real? We are constantly shown a hyperreality which means something that isn’t real a form of simulation.

Hyperreality is a heightened version of society, many people think that this is what society will look like in future years to come. But isn’t it already happening? If you look at Japan and New York City they have a hyperreality version of life through the way advertisements are made.

Take a look at the items below they showcase how our society will look with hyper-reality creating a simulation to life.

Above is how our society will look in the future. It is framed as a simulation, created for a dystopian society in which we aren’t prepared for.

My remediation for this week reflects the hyperreality and simulation of what the future will be.


One thought on “Hyperreality and Simulation

  1. Hey Amy, after weeks of not really understanding what hyperreality meant, or how to even explain my self (I still can’t physically out into words what it is), this helped me get a better idea of what was being discussed. I have not yet written my own post for hyperreality, but it is scary to think of what our world is becoming. I’d rather just be in denial. However, this was a great post that was a brief explanation of the idealistic ‘hyperreality that we are coming to face. Thanks for sharing!


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