Collective Intelligence refers to group intelligence which emerges from collaboration, collective efforts and competition.

So how does collective intelligence work?

Take 4chan (as an example:
People go on 4chan to work together to find the location of ISIS. They do this by watching the videos they upload, analysing them and posting about their findings on 4chan. People on 4chan collectively found an ISIS training camp where they sent the whereabouts to the government.

Take a look for yourself:

It goes without saying that collective intelligence can be used as a way of working together to make a job easier.

Just imagine how quick various tasks would get done if one group of people worked on them all at once to complete it. Even better imagine at uni everyone working on the lecture notes to collectively type them up quicker…

2 thoughts on “Episode V: Collective Intelligence

  1. Nice work Amy! Your use of the 4Chan example was very helpful in understanding how powerful collective intelligence can be, I liked that you included the hyperlink to the imgur gallery, it was a good way of providing evidence to what you were saying. Your idea about the lecture notes is very clever and I think it would work really well if uni students collectively wrote notes it would help the people who missed the lecture or tutorial and also be a great study aid when writing these blogposts! Our blog posts are similar in that we both used the 4Chan example, however, your blog post looks at uni students working together and I used killer whales as an example. Your remediation is very good, maybe just add some pictures or dialogue in the future, but overall I really enjoyed this blog post!!
    This is a short video on how killer whales hunt together, they are a good example of collective intelligence.


  2. Love your blog Amy, this post was put together really well and I think the fact that you included hyperlinks into your post really helped to back up what you were saying. I also completely agree that if uni students all worked collaboratively on lecture notes everyones lives would be made 10X easier. Really enjoyed reading this you put a lot of work into it 🙂


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