My original digital artefact was focused on producing a youtube podcast series which included various topics such as conspiracy theories, books, music and movies reviews. However I wanted to focus on one particular topic where I was very interested in this topic and wanted to share my passion for conspiracy theories.

DA Youtube Channel, 2019

Simultaneously, I was working on another project which is called Amy’s Guide to Life which is an Instagram page promoting my university work.

Beginning of DA Instagram Account (, 2019

At the beginning I used ‘Amy’s Guide to Life’ as a platform to grow my audience for my youtube channel. However, when I started creating the podcast I underestimated the difficulty and how much time was needed to develop what I intended.

I had to part ways with the podcast series as it wasn’t F.I.S.T. as I wanted to create content that was easy, quick and efficient.

My New and Improved Digital Artefact

My new and improved digital artefact is the continuation of ‘Amy’s Guide to Life‘.

I am using this account to further showcase my university work. However, I am also using it to share helpful techniques and strategies for uni students aged 18-22 who want to learn how to stay positive, love themselves and ways to remain calm during stressful situations. 

DA Instagram Account (, 2019

In the interest in ensuring that I capture the most topical issues I surveyed my instagram and twitter followers to gage their interests. The most common topic requested was to create a blogpost / content solely around how to love yourself and how to be positive. 

Here were the results:

In finalising my digital artefact I would like to be able to grow and expand my audience on Instagram and maybe work on growing it on Facebook to advertise my content more.

Check out my youtube video:

Take care everyone, until next week.

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