The Silence. The Fear. The Darkness.

What does it truly mean to be “a living rebel?” Rebelling is referred to as an uprising, a refusal of obedience or order.”

This 8-part photo-series uses various chiaroscuro lighting to highlight the emotional feelings that is captured from the unidentified subject.

Chiaroscuro lighting is a “combination of the Italian words forlight” and “dark.” The lighting uses a dramatic effect to portray certain emotions to the audience.

Comprehending the meaning of being a living rebel was difficult as I was initially unable to find any participant. After a lengthy search, I came across the an unidentified subject known as “subject X”. For personal reasons the subject does not want to be identified however was extremely open in sharing his story and internal battle rebelling against the beliefs of society.

When I began researching my ideas for the photo-series and prior to capturing the subject, I came across various different photographers where they used chiaroscuro lighting. Some of these examples include: William Klein’s Tokyo Pop, The Power of Light and Dark, Ryan Berry and to further reinforce this concept I discovered a website that showed beautiful examples of photographers using chiaroscuro lighting. Each of these pictures uniquely told its own story.

To portray this light and dark combination, I utilised black and white imaging in a number of my photographs to emphasise and focus in on the particular shadows and specific highlights.

I was deliberate in the way I photographed and depicted subject X to exemplify the rebellious nature of this person and their particular thought patterns.

The photos show low-key lighting allowing the photographs to be positioned with high-contrast and a range encompassing light to dark shadows.

The story behind this 8-part series captures the fear and anger from subject X as he portrays his story. The moment he stood up for himself, subject X explained that he was beaten up by another party based on his beliefs.

Unfortunately rebelling from the “status quo” has always been viewed as being different and wrong. Standing up for what you believe in can be challenging.

Subject X showcases the continuous rebellion from societies norms.

The creative limitations / difficulties I had were that the light began to go down quite quickly. I had to strategically think about ways I can highlight his emotion and capture his feelings.

The definition of a rebel is something different in everyones eyes, however through my photographs I have captured the true essence of what a rebel is to me.

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3 thoughts on “Part 1: Subject X

  1. Beautiful concept, beautiful aesthetic and beautiful message.
    I really enjoyed it and was happy to be part of your audience at the presentation. I know we should be supposed to add something with meaning or something to work on but I think it is really personal and I have no opinion to give more than what I’ve said.

    Liked by 1 person

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