My digital artefact is about creating a podcast series whilst being able to post covers as well on youtube.

This is relevant to me because I have always enjoyed watching conspiracy videos. I also have a passion for creating music, singing and making content. So I have established a podcast series.

Topics that I will be discussing in the podcast:
– Conspiracy Theories
– Music
– Movies

DA Youtube Account, 2019

To expand my audience, I will be posting on instagram under the username: @amysguidetolife.

What will I be posting on my instagram?:

With various hashtags, I will post, interact with my audience by posting polls and asking them what they would like to see more of.

DA Instagram Account (, 2019

Finally, the podcasts / music will also be featured on SoundCloud so that viewers have more options in the ways they want to consume the content.

DA Soundcloud Account (, 2019

By being able to produce a lot of content on various platforms I am open to FEFO to allow viewers to give me constructive criticism on my work. This will help me establish the pros and cons for my channel.

Check out my youtube video:

Take care everyone, Until next week.

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